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Students from A-School participated in the Biomedicine Workshop held by HKAP during summer

Sep 1st, 2019

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Research Platform for Aptamer-based Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery (HKAP) has held a Biomedicine Workshop during the summer. This workshop is the second part of the “Hong Kong High School Elite Programme for Future Leaders in Biomediciane”, which was tutored by Prof. Zhang Ge (Professor, Deputy Director of HKAP), Dr. Ren Kangning (Assistant Professor, Associate Director of HKAP), Dr. Yu Yuanyuan (Research Assistant Professor, Manager of HKAP), Ms. Wang Luyao (PhD Candidate, HKAP) and Ms Liu Yang (PhD Candidate, HKAP). 10 students from Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School (A-School) participated in this workshop and received certificates after they finishing all lectures.

HKAP is planning more activities for the “Hong Kong High School Elite Programme for Future Leaders in Biomediciane”. The vision of this programme is to apply and transfer the knowledge and expertise in biomedicine to cultivate elites of Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery among the G10 to G12 Hong Kong students. Outstanding participants will have the opportunity to co-author academic papers, receive honorary certificate and recommendation from the professors on the platform for their further higher education applications. We welcome more high school students who have interests in biomedicine join our programme.

Photo in the workshop


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