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Anjini Karthik, a high school student, has successfully applied to Stanford University

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Anjini Karthik, who had been working in our lab under Dr. Kangning Ren's mentoring for a year, achieved several awards for her work. She was a student at Saint Francis High School. However, her experience and achievement in scientific research is far superior to her peers. Before joining HKAP, Anjini had independently worked on several projects in other institutes for three years, presented her work through various science fairs, and won numerous awards.

Starting from 2013, she had been working voluntarily with Dr.Ren on cell imprinting. Anjini has won 1st place in the Santa Clara County Science Fair and 2nd place in the California Science Fair in her category for her work this year. And then Anjini has also entered the BioGENEius Challenge and has recently been selected as finalist in the Google Science Fair for 2014.

After that Anjini continues to work with Dr.Ren on developing a strategy to produce polymeric imprints of virus. Five individual projects were selected from this region (states of California, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii).

Congratulations to Anjini for her first-author research article being accepted by Nanoscale, a highly reputed peer-reviewed scientific journal in nanotechnology!

Here are a few words from Anjini Karthik.

I had the privilege of working with Kangning when I was a high school student on a research project in the Zarelab, Stanford University. I cannot imagine my research experience without Kangning as a mentor--his dedication to the work, commitment to helping me succeed, and support even from thousands of miles away were invaluable for me as a young researcher. Additionally, Kangning's work ethic as a scientist was evident in every experiment we conducted and provided an excellent model for me to emulate. I'm grateful to Kangning for developing my interest in innovation, and I'm excited to see what he works on in the future!
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