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Two excellent middle students get a volunteer summer internship in Hong Kong Baptist University

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

It can be hard to get Medicine, Chemistry,Biology related work experience, especially in labs. If you have the enthusiasm and independence to hunt for a relevant position, you can also contact Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Research Platform for Aptamer-based Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery(HKAP). The platform offers summer work experience for Primary and middle school students.

Here are a few words from Aashana SHAH.

I am really grateful for this valuable opportunity and appreciate the group's help. They were very helpful and guided me through all the experiments. They tried to help me understand what I was doing and were very nice throughout the whole experience. I am very grateful that they were working with me as during the internship we also had a few laughs. I really enjoyed helping them complete their research. This valuable experience will surely help me in the future.

Here are a few words from Vinika Sidhwani.

My experience at the Baptist University of Hong Kong has been insightful. My interest in Chemistry deepened when I carried out a research with Professor Dr. Ren, alongside receiving help from a PhD student. In this laboratory, I have gained experience of working with various equipment for the experiment I carried out: Broth Micro-dilution. From the beginning, I was actively involved in the research in this laboratory. I enjoyed this experience greatly and I believe that this will significantly help me both in school and my future academic career. 

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