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Equipment for Aptamer Selection and Characterization
Thermal Cyclers

   ◆ Dean,Chair Professor of Integrated Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
   ◆ Major: Integrated Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
   ◆ E-mail:

   ◆ Assistant Professor

   ◆ major: Microfabrication and microfluidics; biomaterial and soft matters;   

      analytical microdevices; biomimicking and advanced coating technology


Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System

   ◆ Professor
   ◆ Major: Clinical Orthopedics & Musculoskeletal Science
   ◆ E-mail:

PAGE Gel Electrophoresis System
ChemiDoc System
BIAcore X100 System
BD FACSAria™ III Cell Sorter
Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
Cell Culture Room
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
Refrigerator and Freezers
Refrigerator and Freezers
Ultra-speed Centrifuge
Incubator and Oven
LC-MS for Quality Control
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