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Laboratory for aptamer synthesis and modification


Coordinator: Dr. Shuaijian Ni & Dr. Jun Lu

Address: 703-705, 9 West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park Shatin, Hong Kong

Contact: (852)3411 8828

Equipment List:

  • Magnetic stirrer, including electronic contact thermometer, boss head clamp, holding rod, support rod

  • Oven

  • Rotary evaporator

  • Low temp circulation bath

  • Immersion cooler (-80 to 0 oC)

  • Chemistry diaphragm pump

  • UV viewing cabinet

  • Vacuum drying oven, VO400, Memmert

  • Black box type UV analyzer, WFH-203B, Shanghai Precision Instruments

  • Low temperature (constant temperature) stirring react ion bath, DHJF-8020, Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade

  • Intelligent Temperature Controller, WMNK-01, Xingling Electrical Co

  • Waters UPLC 

  • Water UPLC with PDA and SQD2

  • H8 standard DNA/RNA/LNA Synthesizer

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