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We have a series of research focusing on aptamer-based translational medicine and drug discovery, including:

     Aptamer selection:

 Microfluidic platform for rapid, efficient and reliable aptamer selection and characterization.

     Diagnostic aptamer: 

(1) Diagnosis device using aptamers against CTCs for identifying cancer patients (pancreatic cancer and breast cancer) at early stage; 
(2) Diagnostic tool using aptamer against sclerostin dimer for selecting patients who should be treated with therapeutic antibody against sclerostin.

     Therapeutic aptamer:

(1) Development of a highly specific aptamer against sclerostin monomer for reversing osteoporosis with less cardiovascular risk than the therapeutic antibody; 
(2) Development of a bispecific aptamer targeting both sclerostin and Dickkopf-1 to reverse established osteoporosis; 
(3) 3D structure determination of aptamer-target complexes for sustainable R&D. 

     Aptamer-Drug Conjugates (ApDC):

(1) synthesis and characterization of two pancreatic cancer aptamer-drug conjugates (PanCa-BT and PanCa-TP) with good water solubility; 
(2) Examination of the in vitro uptake and antitumor activity, as well as in vivo tumor tissue penetration, antitumor activity and toxicity of PanCa-BT and PanCa-TP.

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