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Postdoc Fellow Position in the Chinese University of Hong Kong/Hong Kong Baptist University

The team of Prof. Zhang Baoting from the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prof. Zhang Ge from Hong Kong Baptist University, and Prof. Ren Kangning from Hong Kong Baptist University are now recruiting a post-doctoral researcher with microfluidics-related background and general engineering experience. With high academic and remuneration standard, this postdoc is expected to work in a highly interdisciplinary research of world top-tier.


The team has a long record of fruitful, high-standard collaborative researchmainly on the following aspects: 1: Molecular mechanism of musculoskeletal system diseases and tumors, as well as drug discovery based on natural products and genetic intervention. 2: Clinical translational research of natural products and development of nucleic acid aptamer drugs. 3: Drug development based on microfluidic system. This team’s research has been published in a series of high-profile academic journals, including Nature Medicine, Advanced Science, Nature Communications, Science Advances, Biomaterials, Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle, Molecular Therapy, Aging Cell, Cell Discovery, PNAS, Lab on a Chip, etc. This team as core members, together with other close collaborators worldwide, has established a Greater Bay Area research platform. Please see the team homepage This team has recently received funding from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council’s Theme-based Research Scheme, one of the largest research grants in Hong Kong, to conduct in-depth research on the molecular mechanism and translational research for diagnosis and treatment based on nucleic acid aptamers.


The salary level of current Post-doctoral research fellow position starts from HK$30,000 per month. If the applicant’s doctoral graduate school is within the top 100 in the international rankings of relevant major, it can be subsidized by the Hong Kong Government Postdoctoral Fund, with a salary level starting from HK$32,200 per month. The hosting school provides medical insurance.


Responsibilities for the position:

1: Responsible for the design, preparation, and development of microfluidic chips.

2: Responsible for the collection and sorting of relevant references on the development of microfluidic chips, the preparation of grant proposals, etc.

3: Responsible for the formulation of experimental plans, tackling technical problems, data analysis and processing, and patent writing.

4: Collaborate with other graduate students in scientific research.


Post-doctoral qualification requirements:

1: Doctor’s degree in biomedical engineering or related disciplines.

2: Familiar with microfluidic chips, microelectromechanical automation, and related fields.

3: Have a certain engineering background, able to build simple electromechanical control systems.

4: Have strong research and innovation capabilities, good academic ethics, and rigorous scientific attitude.

5: Be able to cooperate with interdisciplinary teams and carry out research independently.

6: Have good English oral communication and scientific writing skills.

7: The applicant who has achieved significant scientific research results will be given priority .


If you are interested in applying for this position, please email Prof. Zhang Zongkang and send your CV with research interest statement. Those can commence soon will be given priority.



Contact information:

Prof. Zhang Zongkang 

Research Assistant Professor 

School of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong




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